We are all Judas…

A scape goat, someone to blame for all that is wrong in the world… we all look for them, we all try to find some warped comfort or delusional satisfaction in blaming something, someone, anything, anyone for all that is wrong in the world, or with us.  Judas is the Biblical poster child for the scape goat.  The original go to blame guy.  The hated enemy, evil incarnate, the one who in the end “gets what he deserves.”  And in all of this we saints and sinners at the same time, find a disturbing smug comfort in his demise.

Nadia Bolz-Weber, AKA Sarcastic Lutheran preached a great sermon on the need and role of community in forgiveness this week.  She names the sick satisfaction we find in Judas poster children in left-out lectionary texts and in our everyday lives.  The words in the link below are like a car wreck… you may want to look away, drive on, put the whole thing out of your mind, but something, or someOne draws you to look, to linger, to engage in what it all might mean for that person, for me, and for you.

Community is messy, Nadia defines it as:

being human not in isolation but in the midst of other sinners as equally messed up and obnoxious and forgiven as ourselves.  And sometimes this can look a whole lot… like helping to keep each other’s guts from exploding alone in a field.

This sermon text for the end of Eastertide brings comfort and discomfort, but is a remarkable sign along the way that points to God and grace through the reality of God nailed to a tree. 


Alleluia He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

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