Amateur Guest Chef Benefit Event Photos

August 10th one of Manchester’s hottest restaurants  Z food and drink featured my take on a fun summer Tuscan supper and allowed me to play in their kitchen.  This event benefited the New Hampshire Foodbank to help take a bite out of hunger for kids and families this summer.  Check-out the menu and a visual taste some of the event below…

We are Bread Eaters

Sermon preached the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost…                                   

click here to listen:  We Are Bread Eaters

Bread has experienced a renaissance in the past twenty years.  We have gone from supermarket aisles filled with plastic bags of the soft gluey white bread of mass production, to hearty whole grain artisan bread now widely available.  Bread, the simple hearty staple for most of the world throughout time, has for North Americans moved out of the lunch box and fast food wrapper.

Growing-up I didn’t think much about bread.  It was the vehicle to move peanut butter and jelly, or bologna or even just butter from plate to stomach.  Most of it looked and tasted the same and I still remember the trauma of whole grain Roman Meal bread being introduced to our food repertoire.  Even receiving communion was a bland white bread experience and I remember my first communion class where Pastor Lindholm got us to try the dreadful wafers with jars of peanut butter and jelly.  

For decades, Europeans and other global visitors were appalled by what they found passing for bread here. But North Americans slowly but surely changed their white bread ways and as whole wheat and exotic bread like croissants and pita became more popular, even many churches shifted from communion wafers to something that was recognizable as bread.  Bakeries and restaurants that made their own bread were sought out and market demand grew. 

Author Tom Harpur says that “without bread and all it symbolizes… at the physical level, the life of the body would be impossible.  Without the ‘bread’ of spiritual sustenance, the human soul lies empty and inert.”  Jesus the Christ was born in Bethlehem, literally translated as “the house of bread.”  For us as Christians, we eat the bread of Bethlehem and the Word of God, in with and under the bread and wine of the meal each week.  

We are bread eaters.      Continue reading

Amateur Guest Chef Event to Benefit NH Foodbank

Please join me Monday, August 10th @ one of Manchester’s hottest restaurants  Z food and drink where you can enjoy my take on a fun summer Tuscan supper.  This event benefits the New Hampshire Foodbank so come help take a bite out of hunger for kids and families this summer!  

Seating is limited and the event begins promptly at 6:30pm.  The cost to attend Z guest chef events is $50 per person, plus tax and gratuity.   For reservations please call 603.629.9383


bill petersen’s “under the tuscan fun”

campari margarita
campari liqueur, grand marnier, lime juice


garlic shots
chilled garlic soup, ciabatta crostini

mushroom caps
baby bellas, roasted red peppers, sautéed pancetta, pecorino romano


panzanella salad
heirloom tomatoes, tuscan bread, red onions, fresh basil


caprese lasagna
polenta, grilled tomato, fresh mozzarella, portabella, fresh basil
balsamic caramelized vidalia onion

tuna steak
seared ahi tuna, grape tomato ragù
cannelloni bean arugula salad

pork tuscana
roasted rosemary and garlic infused pork loin
sautéed fennel, green beans, scallions, olives


limóncello tiramisu
limóncello liqueur, almond biscotti, lemon curd, mascarpone cheese

Z food and drink has been recognized as:

  • Best New Eatery, Manchester in Hippo Press Reader’s Choice Awards, 2008
  • Platinum Plate by NECN’s TV Diner, 2008
  • Best Cuisine with a Twist by New Hampshire Magazine, Editor’s Choice, 2008

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