Social Media + Ministry… a resource

Interested in utilizing Social Media tools in your ministry, non-profit, or business?  Live in New England, or able to visit beautiful New Hampshire (an hour north of Boston, MA) July 24th?  Then check-out the one day workshop at the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications

The Loeb School was  founded to inspire interest, integrity and excellence in journalism and other forms of communication.  The school promotes understanding of and appreciation for the First Amendment, the particular constitutional guarantee that gives us free press and speech, among other liberties.

I will be presenting how to utilize social media in non-profit contexts.  Topics will include:

  • Caring, connecting and communicating through social media tools
  • Creating a social media brand
  • Cross-generational benefits of social media


Learning Social Media:  Just What are Twitter and Facebook

It’s called Social Media and involves staying in touch with family, friends, long-lost high school classmates, business associates, customers and potential customers.  In this one-day workshop, instructor Judi Window will concentrate on using Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter as tools for businesses or organizations who need the public to survive and expand. 

The class will explore various uses of Social Media, how to get started, how to develop from a person to a persona.  Judi is a motivational leader who specializes in turning information into action. 

The panelists, as they describe themselves on Twitter and own Facebook pages, are:  Tom Puskarich, chef and restaurant owner, Zak Normandin, minimalist designer, tech entrepreneur and Bill Petersen, self described traveler, teacher, preacher and learner.

To register for this workshop visit the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications.


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