Turn the Beat Around

“Turn the Beat Around” the disco song written by Gerald and Peter Jackson and sung by one hit wonder Vicki Sue Robinson in 1976 went to #10 on Billboard’s pop chart.  While Robinson received a Grammy nomination for it, you may be more familiar with Laura Branigan’s 1990 or Gloria Estefan’s 1994 covers of the hit.

Turn the beat around… Jesus says Repent, turn around!

The kingdom of Heaven has come near… Jesus, God in the flesh is doing ministry in your midst.  Jesus then goes on to call four fisherman as his first disciples…  Two sets of brothers:  Pete and Drew and Zeb’s boys Jim and John.   

Jesus calls them immediately to fish for people…                                                                      

Immediately, a word that shakes up those of us who are more relaxed, do things on our own time, like to take it easy…

Pastor Thom M. Shuman at Immanuel Presbyterian in Cincinnati has a great prayerful poem called slow poke for those of us uneasy with that word IMMEDIATELY

a dawdler by
  a straggler by
     i could manage
           to lose a race
  to a pro

me-lingering through
  i barely can
     find the energy
  to get up and do

strolling down the
     stopping at the
  outdoor cafe at
        the corner of
     apathy and inert,
i while away
  my hours, making
     a cup of expresslow
           last all afternoon;

but immediately?


  that’s the
           in the

(c) 2011  Thom M. Shuman  [slow poke Matthew 4:12-23]

Jesus calls people with different gifts… We are all Christian, fishers of people, as the first disciples were fisherman but Jesus calles two sets of brothers—with distinct gifts to share…          

  • Pete and Drew fished from shore, they used casted nets                                
  • Zeb’s boys Jim and John, had a boat, they used drag nets

These first followers had as you and I, different gifts.  And yet we are all called to the same task of ministry, fishing for followers.

Jesus who is the cadence for our lives, whose Spirit of love beats within our very being and within our lives equips us to fish.  Through using the varied and unique gifts we have been blessed with to love others, we fish with tools better than any ‘bait’ or ‘net’ or ‘boat’ could provide.  We fish with what we have been blessed with, ourselves, our time and our talents… all gifts from God who calls us to fish.

Jesus increases the drum beat to turn our lives around…  by using that scary word Immediately!  “Turn the beat around,” Anyone remember the next line…?  “Love to hear percussion.” Jesus calls us to repent, turn around, immediately and as Christ followers, we need this reminder and to have his call as the cadence or drum beat in our lives. 

The kingdom of Heaven is near, it is here it is in the light of Christ that we share and the drum beat of our lives!


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