Wait for the Lord, whose day is near…

Advent is a time of waiting, watching and wondering and Psalm 40 from Rob Lacey’s Word on the Street captures the edginess in my waiting this year…

I waited, waited quiet, quiet calm; he turned towards me, grabbed my arm,  pulled me up out of the cesspool’s hold,  away from the filth, the mud, the cold.                                             

He stood me firm on solid rock,  a place no one dare knock.  He taught me a brand-new song to sing,  spot on for the only true King.       

Many will hear; many will see and fear, and rely on awesome God making it here.

The winters cold, snow and darkness has had a “cesspool” like grip on my Advent at times.  But this view of light breaking through is literally of the leach field in my front yard…  fresh snow covering the filth and the mud that lie beneath the cold blanket of white.

When I took this photo earlier this month, I was reminded of how God with us, daily gives us strength and new beginings to deal with the filth, the mud and the cold of our lives.  The sun breaking through that cold morning fog was the longing words of the Taizé chant Wait for the Lord…

Wait for the Lord, whose day draws near.    

Wait for the Lord, keep watch, be strong.   

Listen and watch with the Taizé community in France 

or listen and watch a beautiful instrumental version 

Advent blessings as you wait for the Lord…



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