What’s Love Got to Do with It?

This weekend brings Trinity Sunday, an ancient holiday to mark the three-fold nature of one God. Christians believe in a God of love and traditionally name God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So what does love have to do with how we see or experience God?

God as parent loves us enough to have created the whole universe, including you and me. God, who breathed life in us, loves creation enough to come in the human form of Jesus to save and redeem us from sin, sorrow and brokenness. God through Jesus dying on the cross and rising from death joins us to God’s love forever. God as Spirit guides us and works in us inspiring, strengthening, advocating, and making holy our daily lives.

The bottom line is that God loves us no matter what we do or don’t do. God loves this world; God loves everyone everywhere and welcomes us all into God’s loving embrace. We are wrapped in the amazing unconditional love of God throughout our lives. We then can draw on that love in times of joy and pain, success and failure anytime, anywhere.

God our loving Creator, Redeemer, and Spirit reminds us that our relationships are wrapped in that gracious and abundant love. This is because God participates in and cares deeply about us, our relationships, community and all of creation. So in light of this abundant love, how come we often forget about God’s love when we are blown off by friends, turned down, rejected and feel all alone?

I invite you to ponder the title/question: “what’s love got to do with it” in terms of the three-fold nature of God this week. In other words, what does the love of: 1.) God the Creator, who loves you and gives you life, 2.) God the Redeemer, who loves you and holds you in that love forever, and 3.) God the Spirit, who loves you and brings warmth and comfort to your heart and soul, mean for your life today… for you in the future… for this community, the world and all creation?


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