CPE Reflections in Baptismal Waters

Reflections of Clinical Pastoral Education

Shared at Holy Family Hospital on August 2, 2007


We all walk broken in this world

but are claimed by God, baptized in water,

and our lives are literally transformed.


God brings us all into one family and calls us God’s own.

God gives us the gifts of faith, love, life,

forgiveness, and strength

            and asks us to respond faithfully

                        in service to one another.


These life giving waters sustain us on our journey,

            as we have been reminded throughout our

ten week CPE experience together.



Daily our sinful unauthentic selves with all our

imperfections, agendas and brokenness 

            are drowned by daily repentance.



And day after day, prayer filled reflection,

visit, verbatim, supervision and IPR after another,

a new self arises out of the muddiness of life

to love and serve one another  

and live with God in righteousness.



We who share one Lord, faith, baptism and God of all…

have shared joys and concerns, worked, and

served one another

and fellow children of God

here at HFH, MI and NERH.



We have affirmed and challenged one another,

wading, splashing, and washing in faith and love,

trusting in the Holy Spirit, the water

and the Word in Baptism.



And so, when we feel alone, stuck in the mud and 

thirsting for healing and wholeness,

we need only to remember our baptism and

the abundant and grace filled water.



Water that reflects the face of others who…

are people we meet who help us along the way,

are those we share our presence with,

are peers, family, and loved ones,

are sometimes hard to be with, hard to love,

are all made in the likeness of our creator

and are joined together with us in one baptism

sealed with the Holy Spirit,

marked with the cross of Christ, and 

live in the forgiveness of sins.  Amen


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